Kobe Beef

The finest beef in the world “Kobe Beef” is born from Tajima-cattle, purebred seeding cattle produced in Hyogo Prefecture, The expert cattle farmers in Hyogo Prefecture continue to breed these excellent cattle with making full use of their fatting skills and advanced technologies.

It is said that beef meat quality mainly depends on it’s breeding cattle. From about the middle of 8th century, Tajima-cattle have brought up in comfortable natural environments such as clean air, limpid stream and rich grass fields surrounding the mountains of  Tajima district. The meat character of Tajima-cattle is very tender and fine. As growing up, the meat becomes top quality marbled beef. This is “Kobe Beef”. If you taste it, a good feeling of melting fat spread fully within your mouth and it also brings a unique aroma.
“Kobe Beef” as well as Tajima-cattle are the specialties which Hyogo Prefecture boasts to the world and these are expected to gain the popularity in the global market.
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More than 200 dishes from Essence refined Japanese cuisine with prices from only 69,000 and many attractive combo and set the menu's are on KOBELEGEND..

Also you can enjoy the typical dishes and famous in the culinary culture of Japan by the Japanese chefs processing.


Nhà hàng


 Delicate and luxury design

Located at 92 – 94 – 96 Le Loi Streer, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, one of the golden streets of Saigon centre. Kobe Legend is a Japanese style restaurant with luxirious design, warm colors scheme with gold and black as two main colors combined with delicate outlines, Kobe Legend promises to provide customers the feeling of savouring fabulous cuisine at a palace in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Coming to Kobe Legend to feel the delicate in every detail, color, tile and light. Each of them carries a unique feature, but they all have one thing in common that bears Japanese exclusive culture, essence and art..


Diversity with plenty of space


Spring flavor with cherry blossom texture bring to you a vibrant but also tender space with the meaning of bringing Spring - the season of hope, love and happiness to everyone. This VIP room is the best choice for family reunion banquets where you can spread good cheer and spend time with your beloved family


The alluring black borders of sliding doors under yellow lights is the delicated combination that takes you to a Japanese culinary culture from the first sight. Just gently pull the door, you will immediately realize this is the video that reminds you the wonderful moments you had in Japan. If experiencing Japanese culture is still a goal you want to archive in the future, Kobe Legend will make your dream come true, as you come to Kobe Legend, from the very first step you will see “Country – Culture – Human” of Japan right in the middle of the bustling Saigon…!


Have you ever experienced the feeling of being a member of a royal family in a samurai-spirited country? Donot have to go far, let’s experience that interesting feeling in Kobe Legend any time you feel like. This room has classic and elegant design that represents a high-class brand – Kobe Legend.


Centre Lobby

As an active person, you often have gatherings of friends and colleagues, Kobe Legend is the perfect choice if you are looking for an area that is specifically designed for creative and cheerful people.